Becoming Your Highest Self

Blessings to you! Welcome to my blog about history, science, veganism, spirituality, philosophy, and the conscious experience. I’m starting this project because I wanted to share some of the insights that have helped me along my spiritual journey.
Here is a list of some content series I’m planning for the next few months:

  • The Long Path: History of Religion and Spirituality
  • Total BS: The Brain Science Behind Meditation
  • Overnight Vegan: My Awakening to Animal Rights
  • Meeting Mother: Ayahuasca Trip Reports
  • Inner Yoga: Powerful Techniques to Relinquish the Self

In addition, I’ll also have many one-off posts weighing in on various topics relating to personal development.

  • Why I Stopped Smoking Weed
  • Manifesting Wealth With Your Mind
  • Becoming the Greatest Version of Yourself

Sound interesting? Here are a couple reasons why you might want to read this blog:

  • You’re bored of mindlessly going through the rat race.
  • You wonder, “Is this really the rest of my life?”
  • You want your life to be full of excitement and magic.
  • You want to know who you really are.
  • You want to take the red pill and awaken from the Matrix.
  • You are facing grief, anger, loneliness, or depression and can’t see a way out.
  • You want to learn how to become a better, kinder, more positive person.
  • You want guidance from your highest self on how to manifest your deepest wishes.

We’re going to try to cover all of that and more. But first, here’s a little bit about me.

I grew up in the 90s in the Bible Belt, USA. In my town, almost every Asian American was Christian. In the absence of community centers, Asian immigrant families used the church instead to socialize. Wearing the Christian faith upon your sleeve was not only a way to gain acceptance into American society, but also a way to one-up the other families at church.


My parents were religious, but had stopped going to church when I would young. This meant I was excluded from most of the social activity in the Asian American community. At school, I felt left out because of the combination of my race and (lack of) faith. At home, my parents would continue to beat me over the head with religion in the domestic setting. I had a deeply antagonistic view of God and religion in general.

As I came to learn, the laws of divine action work in unintuitive ways. Many years later, after moving away to college, earning two degrees, and working, I slowly discovered my spirituality as an adult. But that’s a story for another blog post. See you next time!

With metta,



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