11 Tricks for the Beginning Meditator

The hardest part of becoming a meditator is the beginning, because your distractions are at their strongest and your mental power at its weakest. Here are 11 tricks that I learned in my journey that helped me develop a regular practice and superboost my meditation. Instead of a long meditation, do short ones several times... Continue Reading →


6 Tips to Avoid Cults & Abusive Teachers

Previously, I had written about how Buddhism is not a religion. However, many sects have taken on religious trappings. Even worse, many "Buddhist" teachers manipulate the Dharma to serve their own twisted egos, such sexual abuse of students at the hands of Mt. Baldy Zen Center's Joshu Sasaki, Triratna founder Sangharakshita, and Osel Tendzin of Vajradhatu. Worst of... Continue Reading →

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